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  1. Georgia Jury

©Thomas Adams/Bud Merritt


I remember it all like it was yesterday

everybody started to run

Shots rang out one man down

I had to get rid of the gun

I don't know if he deserved what he got 

blood runs thicker than water

We stick together no matter what

It was passed down from our father

In the face of a Georgia Jury

i had to tell a terrible lie

And swear that my brother didn’t kill that man

No need to have another man die

Live this life with No regrets

That’s how it’s gonna be

Did you bring me any more Cigarettes

Was the only thing he asked of me

Telling my lie may be as big a sin

The bible says an eye for an eye

Ain't no man worth turning on kin

We can’t go back and change that night


©Thomas Adams/Bud Merritt